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Trashon Show 2015

As we reminisce about last year's Trashon Show, we can't help but shower your week with our share of nostalgic memories.

On 22nd of August last year, we had Angaza's first Trashon show to portray the beautiful pieces that come with upcycling. With our very own Limited edition collection, Jovanis and Cedric Mizero's creative minds we graced Century Parks in Nyarutarama with moments that we will always be attached to.

Everything from the decorations to the attires is upcycled material. Art pieces from Christella made out of recycled newspaper, and our beautiful models, MCs and the brains behind Angaza, Maria and Monica who rocked upcycled pieces -discarded advertising waste.

We can't go without saying how entertaining Weya and Gilo were. And, of course a cocktail setting would have been incomplete without drinks and snacks which were served by the hotel.

What they say is true. "We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." We are trying to make the most out of this treasure while also creatively protecting it and in return giving our children's children something valuable. Are we having a great time doing this? You bet!

Today, this week and every other day, don't forget to Get your trash on!

Enjoy these pictures. And oh, a happy week to you all Angaza Lovers!

Our Beautiful models with Angaza Bags from the Limited Edition Collection
Items by Jovanis: made out of old curtains
Upcoming artist
Cedric Amizero's creations
MC's - Waistcoat and Skirt from upcycled advertising waste
Co-founders Monica and Maria rocking skirts and from upcycled material, and dried fruit jewelry.

Thank you MTN Rwanda for donating your discarded advertising waste!

And thank you Angaza fan for reading! Remember to enjoy your week and if you have any, donate your waste to make a change! :)


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