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Up-cycling in the Eyes of Angaza 2017

In a world still churning out trendy throw-away fashion pieces at breakneck speed, the idea of up-cycled wear can be an anomaly. But it is a continuously growing trend and is one of the most sustainable things people can do in fashion.
As up-cycling makes use of already existing pieces, it often uses few resources in its creation and actually keeps 'unwanted' items out of the waste stream.
Up-cycling is a way of processing an item to make it better than the original. Using the example of Angaza ltd,it reclaims advertising banners and refashions them into one-of-kind items like purses, wallets, totes,gadget covers,handbag among others.
Up-cycling can be done using either per-consumer or post-consumer waste or a combination of the two.
Pr-consumer waste is produced while items are being manufactured such as the pieces of fabric leftover after cutting out a pattern and post-consumer waste results from the finished product reaching the end of its useful life for the consumer such as a discarded advertising banner and denim materials).
Below is a simple example of Angaza's up-cycling Concept.

Advertising banner +Ankara cloth = Inyenyeri Clutch Purse


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