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CNN Comes to Angaza

March couldn't have began on a higher note! We were featured on CNN's African Start-Up series earlier on this month. They came to film us in Kigali in January, the anticipation build-up is one that I cannot find words for.
The filming session took well over 4 hours for a two-and-a-half minute segment! The experience got me to appreciate the amount of work that goes into making the movies we enjoy watching and why actors get paid an awful lot of money for their jobs! One memorable moment was when we had to shoot the part where we "welcome you" to our workshop. Now, our workshop is situated on a busy street on which the legendary Kigali motos whiz by every other second along with other vehicles. We had to take well over 10 shots of this scene because of the constant interruption.
As with every interview, there are always the 'important' points that one forgot to mention and that come flooding in one's head just after the interview is done. And even what you were able to say, you always wonder whether you said it right or not.
All in all, everything turned out quite well ( duh). To our first international exposure! Thank you CNN :)



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