The Light Bulb Moment

The journey began in 2012 during World Environment Day, when Co-Founder Maria and a couple of classmates from her Environmental Engineering class wanted to inspire school children in Kigali to think beyond the obvious. The theme for that year was: "A Green Economy, Does it Include You?" They made the experience one to remember for the children by engaging them in fun and creative activities like making mosaics from bottle tops which they had collected.
This sparked the initiative to begin thinking about how waste could be turned into something of value through upcycling. After discovering that nothing was being done with the waste material from advertising banners in Kigali, Maria managed to collect some of them and began making bag prototypes. It was during a feedback session of showing the prototypes to friends, that she met Monica and Co-Founded Angaza.

Angaza's Head of Production, Mutabazi was the first tailor in Kigali to agree to work with this new material and different designs. The team also works with local women co-operatives on various orders.
Monica Umwari
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Maria Mayanja


Felicien Mutabazi
Head of Production

Beautiful Is Different

Angaza wants to show the world that a slight shift of perspective can bring about the most unexpected results. Angaza makes products for people who see things in a different light; the bold lovers of colour who want to make the world a better place and more importantly for those who feel that convention is boring.
Through this, they hope to expand into a social enterprise that offers green jobs to those who need them in Rwanda.


Our Materials

We transform Kigali's non-biodegradable waste, like vinyl advertising banners and jute rice bags, into one-of-a-kind accessories, such as purses, wallets and various types of bags.

Each of our products is lined with a fabric called Kitenge in East Africa or Ankarain West Africa.

Because of the nature of the materials we use, no two of our products are exactly the same. They may come "seasoned" with the elements of Kigali's sun, wind and rain under which they have survived to make your unique bag. It is truly yours and yours alone.

The Next Generation

Angaza wants to revolutionize environmental education in Rwanda, by engaging students in fun and hands-on activities, so they may grow up knowing the importance of protecting the environment, and thereby engender a more conscious generation of Africans rooted in sustainable practices.

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